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Evertale Guide - Ludmilla - Passives and Main Attack


Evertale - Evertale is a role-playing game that can be played either online or offline. The game features online and offline PvP, as well as guilds and leagues. Players can also compete in online events. In this Evertale guide, we will take a look at Ludmilla's passives and main attack. If you are looking to improve your Evertale character, you should start by reading our Evertale guide. We'll show you how to maximize your skill and power by taking our time and following our tips.


The Evertale version of Ludmilla is a support unit with the Chrono command. It delivers gears and gives a spirit. Her primary role is to protect the living city and is a pseudo-blue guard. She's a good choice for any team as she has a range of unique and powerful abilities. Her allies include Endless Rizette, Maid of Midwinter, Hibiki, Demon of Class 2-B, Kisara, Blade of the Summer Sun, Maxima, Sparkling Idol, and Rei, Goddess of Bount.

The Evertale series has many female characters and Ludmilla is one of the most sexualized. Ludmilla was created for the game on November 2, 2017, and has 6 jobs listed. She's also a SSR and a lone female cleric. Her other roles include guarding the realm, hunting monsters, and fighting the Evertale king. This makes her the most threatening and dangerous of all characters in the game.

Ludmilla's passive abilities include Dark Resist and Greatsword Mastery. Swift Strike deals 75% damage to an enemy and grants 1 spirit to your allies. Another passive ability is Immovable, which stops reinforcements from moving. The Evertale version of Ludmilla has an additional tier called 'Staff-Trainer'. This tier is the most competitive ever, with players vying to become a top-tier captain and boss.

As Ludmilla's guardian, she can be an excellent leader and a capable fighter. She can save the team even when her chances of survival are slim. She can also use her autoguardia and train her team. Ludmilla's training is very important to her. In addition to her passive skills, Ludmilla has two active skills: Scudo di Aldyne and Armatura Curativea.


The basic passive abilities of Elmina include Attack Up, HP Up, Water Resist, and Greataxe Mastery. Her secondary abilities are Stealth Power, which boosts her attack by 50% while in stealth mode, and Stealth Stun Skin, which stuns enemy units if they deal damage to Elmina. These are great to have on hand for specific situations. Elmina has high self-sustainability.

Character Tier List: As mentioned, the Evertale character tier list ranks the SSR heroes from strongest to weakest. Ideally, your team should be centered around the SSR heroes, as they are very strong in the current meta. Fortunately, there's no need to spend a lot of money to get the top-tier characters. However, it's always better to spend some time securing these heroes when you can.

Game Features: Evertale is an incredibly popular mobile fantasy role-playing game. As a player, you must train monsters to fight enemies. There are several different types of monsters you can summon, each with a different approach to defeating your enemies. You can even create teams of up to 8 characters and compete against global players. There are many features in Evertale, and they're worth checking out if you're an avid strategy RPG fan.

Ludmilla's passives

Endless Ludmilla's leader ability grants a 10% HP bonus to allied Water units, and her first active skill deals damage to one target and earns allies 2 spirit. Her second active skill, Time Strike, deals 500% damage to a single target, and her last active skill, Life Flip, switches current HP with lost HP. She can use Life Flip once per battle. Ludmilla's passives are relatively simple, but they are crucial for effective team play.

As the only daughter in her family, Ludmilla was raised as a demure, retiring, and modest warrior. She helped those in need and stood up to injustice. Her passive abilities can be beneficial when combined with Dark Rizetta's ability to heal her party. You can learn more about Ludmilla's passives in Evertale by reading the following guide. You'll soon discover how much of an impact Ludmilla's passives can have on your overall team composition.

As a tank in Evertale, Ludmilla's passives can greatly enhance your team's overall performance. Her leadership skill provides a 10% HP boost to light element allies, and her Desperate Drain ability deals 500% damage to one opponent while regaining 50% health. As a guardian and tank, her ability to direct an enemy's attack is especially valuable. This allows you to protect your main dmg dealer while the rest of your team deals damage.

While most passive abilities are beneficial in the short-term, Ludmilla's strongest passives are Divine Guard and Hold Ground. Both passives heal her for ten percent of her total HP each round and give her armor as she enters the battlefield. Choosing an effective passive unit is key to your team's success. A few tiers can greatly affect the strength and damage output of your team.

Ludmilla's main attack

As a light elemental warrior, Ludmilla is an excellent choice for tanking. She also has a unique active skill known as Desperate Drain, which deals 500% damage to one enemy while recovering 50% of her health. Ludmilla is an excellent tanking option as she's very effective at redirecting one enemy's attack, enabling you to focus on your main dmg dealer.

The main attack of Ludmilla is Fire. This skill enables her to evade attacks that would stun her. After dealing damage, the status effect is removed. However, the status effect is temporary and does not last until the next turn. It deals moderate damage for little SP, and she can fight a lot more than other units. She can even be used by one or two people to help out on teams.

If you're not familiar with SSR units, it's important to understand how these characters stack. The best characters in Evertale are SSR units. They have almost no counters, making them an excellent choice to help your team. The best way to use them is to group them together into groups of three or four. However, if you're going with one or two SSR units, it's better to have a mix of both types of units.

As a water unit, Ludmilla's basic attack is Poison Random, which inflicts a poison status on a random enemy unit. Ludmilla's secondary attack is Poison Drain, which deals 400% damage to poisoned enemies while healing the player for half of her max HP. Endless Rizette also has a leadership skill, which boosts allied dark units' attack values by 15%.

Elmina's main attack

Elmina's basic abilities are her basic attacks and passive skills. Her basic abilities include: Attack Up, HP Up, Water Resist, and Greataxe Mastery. Elmina also has a passive ability called Stealth Power, which increases her attack by 50% while in stealth. She also has a situational move called Stealth Stun Skin, which stuns a unit that damages Elmina.

Ludmilla in Evertale has a basic active skill called "Give Turn." Giving a turn earns the player two spirit for each ally on her team. Another basic skill is Desperate Drain, which deals 500% damage to a single target while restoring 50% of their max HP. Purify removes one ally's negative status effect and costs 200 TU. This basic skill makes Elmina an excellent teammate.

A shaman is a great addition to any stealth team. With a stealth raid and pushback move, a shaman can be a valuable addition. She also has one of the best healing moves in the game, an overheal that heals two allies for 400% of their attack. If you have enough TU to use this ability, you can also use her spirit+ passive and thundering entry to heal up your team.

Passives are vital for Elmina in Evertale. Her passive skills include Attack Up, HP Up, Sword Mastery, and Staff Hunter. Passive skills such as Auto Guard make her a guardian, redirecting enemy damage to allies. Also, her Hold Ground passive skill grants her death immunity for one time, and it gives her armor every time her HP is reduced. Once you get it, you can use it to ward off enemies and restore HP.

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