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Is BTS Island in the Zoom App Free to Download?


is bts island in the zoom app free - If you're a BTS fan, then you might be interested in knowing whether or not BTS Island in the Zoom App is free to download. This game is a fun way to spend time with your favorite K-pop group, as you play along with their adventures on a pirate ship and sail across the sea with a giant whale. To download this fun game, head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started. It's available in the Philippines as well.

ARMY members aren't eligible to join

To join the fan meeting, ARMY members must be current members. They cannot expire before Aug. 9. However, they may be able to apply to become members. They must also match their passport name. Fans can also enter through Big Hit Music. The application process is ongoing. The deadline for winning attendance slots is Aug. 9. Fans can apply for a slot through the Big Hit Music website.


For the first time ever, you can play a match-three puzzle game on your iPhone or iPad. This unique game uses reinforcement-based artificial intelligence (AI) to solve puzzles based on the septet's "real-life bucket list." The game features a leaderboard and allows you to compete against other players in scoring. The social elements of the game allow you to interact with other players.

To apply, you must be a member of BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY. You must have a current membership before the event begins. Zoom meetings will have separate application periods. Once you've completed the application process, you'll be able to join the meeting on Aug. 9. You'll be able to meet BTS members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, and V. To join the Zoom meeting, you must have a BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY Membership.

Characters featured

If you've been wondering who the main characters in BTS Island are, rest assured that it's not a single member of the group. The game features 1,000 puzzles, a ranking system, and a variety of interactive options. BTS members are even involved in the game's development, helping to ensure a high-quality experience for fans. The game is slated for a release on 28 June 2022.

The game is based on the popular Korean boy band BTS, so players can expect to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Characters have been modeled after stage costumes and hairstyles, as well as accessories. Players will be able to use their imaginations to decorate their islands, and interact with the characters. This interactive game is fun for both girls and guys. Although the game may seem simple at first glance, it's worth a try to see how these characters interact with each other.

As previously stated, the game will feature seven of the group's members and features story-based puzzles. As previously announced, the game is co-created by septet. The game will feature seven friends living on an island together, and features fun puzzles that players will find challenging but enjoyable. This game will be released for free on Google Play and iOS, and will be released in the summer of 2022.

Application process

If you are a BTS fan and are interested in visiting the group's island, you've come to the right place. The official site of BTS Island is up and running, and you can download it from the Zoom app for iOS or Android. Once you download the app, you can start decorating your island by choosing different colors and textures for the avatars. In addition, you can customize the looks of your avatars by selecting different hairstyles and accessories.

Those who are excited to try out the new game can pre-register to be one of the first to experience it! The official website will announce details of the application process on its Instagram page. If you're not interested in pre-registration, you can wait for more details about the game. Meanwhile, you can read about the gameplay details on the official website and Instagram. If you don't want to wait for the official launch date, you can check out its official Instagram page.

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